Self-overcoming: Running from one’s self

Most of the time, It feels like I’m trying so hard not to be what I’m constantly suppressing- all of which are negative attributes; So much so that I am sometimes led to believe to think that deep inside what I’m suppressing and running from might just be the very essence of me and because of this I don’t feel like I’m being true to myself or to anyone, cause I always feel like I am just projecting. I feel like an alien all the time.

we are what we run from, we are why we smoke some” – Need to know, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Chance the Rapper

And the reason why I’m so annoyed when I see other people not even trying to suppress such attributes that I think are negative, is because I’m jealous that they can get away with it and I don’t think I can.

This is easily my biggest struggle and cycle that I really try not to relapse into- myself. Although, I am hoping that I’m simply not just this bundle of negative attributes and intentions, that alongside some projection I am also trying to get better or better myself. Sometimes, I think I know the answer.

3 thoughts on “Self-overcoming: Running from one’s self

  1. Very deep and honest post from someone who is obviously highly reflective, displaying huge insights and self-awareness…all of these are positive attributes! what’s that you saying about negative attributes? What negative attributes? Ignore them or better still accept them, they make you who you are! Keep writing! Much love.


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